Fabric Covered Hair Ties
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This is what everybody needs to accessorize! PRETTIEST. HAIR-TIE. EVER. EVER! These beautifully handmade Fabric covered Hair-Ties are a must have. They hold securely on your hair, never falling out! I've used the best non-slip elastics Money can buy, these take the cake! You'll have your choice of 30+ different colours/patterns when I'm at shows. For online orders I will offer 15 of my top fabric patterns. Click to enlarge the picture and all your options will appear. Suitable for baby fine hair, Toddler's, Teen's, Sister's, Moms, Nana's, Aunts or anyone who loves their fancy hair accessories!

Finished size is 1 1/8" round (large single hair tie)                                                                

$4.00 each (large size 1" 1/8")

  • Item #: Fabric_1-1/8LARGE
  • Manufacturer: HAND MADE
  • Condition: New

Fabric Covered Hair Ties

Price: C$4.00
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