Handmade - Onesie Quilt
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Why not turn your piles of baby Clothing into a wonderful one-of-a-kind keepsake? I only need around 35-40 pieces of clothing, onesies, shirts, pants, or receiving blankets!

This is a handmade Onesie-Block quilt with a twist. The twist is an fleece backing and the 6" fabric squares are made with your child's clothing!! This is a fantastic quilt to look at, keep warm with, use for an afternoon nap, or keep forever unused! It is all handmade, hand-cut with amazing colour coordinated edging and backing. There are not two alike and never will be, each quilt is one of a kind like your child. The quilt will been washed x2, dried and ironed.

Turn around time for Standard or Custom Blanket is 2-3 weeks.

Standard and Custom size blankets are Approximately 31" x 42" Finished Size

What is that? You would like a custom blanket except your baby can't part with their clothing yet?
You would like the baby's name on the blanket with hand-cut letters sewn on it?

No Problem! I can do that for you!

You pick the fabric colour and I will shop it, sew it and get it to you!
Please email me with any special blanket request. Also email me so we can arrange custom orders, pick-ups, and delivery!

Email: Art_ArtBaby@yahoo.ca

Care Instructions: Machine wash separately in COLD water on gentle cycle - Recommended to spot clean as first.  HANG TO DRY! DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DRYER! Iron on low setting. DO NOT iron the fleece-back  as it will melt! Also Avoid ironing the plastic decals/characters/lettering etc. when using the iron.

"Handmade anything adds a personal touch that cannot be compared!"


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Handmade - Onesie Quilt

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