Handmade Soft and Stretchy Headbands
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The fall season is a tricky time to keep little peoples ears warm. How about getting warm ears with a touch of style? These warm, soft, stretchy, oversized-bow headbands are the way to go! I'm offering various sizes and can also custom make any size as per your request! No extra charge for custom sizing!

The finished size of hairband is NOT "ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL."

Sizing: Newborn 12", 0-3 months 13", 3 months 14", 6 months 15", 6-12 months 16", 12-18 months 17", 18-24 months 18" - Custom sizing available at no extra charge.

Care Instructions: Hand wash, and hang to dry.

**3 Colours to choose from: Fuschia Pink, Grey and Blue/Purple

**Please inquire about colour choices. Colours are always changing, stock is always being made. I can accommodate colour requests.   Email me:  Art_ArtBaby@yahoo.ca

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Handmade Soft and Stretchy Headbands

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