Handmade Toule-Flower Headbands
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Tired of losing your kiddies hair clippies? No More! Get your handmade, One-of-a-kind Toule Headband today! These beautiful headbands are made with smooth, soft, toule. Along with soft and stretchy hairbands. They have a non-slip underside to keep it in place. One size fits all. Can be made to order, please email me.

The finished size of hairband is "ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL." All Ribbon is heat sealed as to not fray, and triple glued when finished. The headband colours will vary. I do my best to colour co-ordinate each one accordingly!

Get one today for only $12 per headband (tax included)

**Please inquire about colour choices. Colours are always changing, stock is always being made. I can accommodate colour requests.   Email me:  Art_ArtBaby@yahoo.ca

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Handmade Toule-Flower Headbands

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